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Raman is one of the fastest growing analytical techniques within industry and academia.  The MarqMetrix® Raman solution is customized to make Raman measurement straightforward and accessible.

Automation and PAT tools for chemistry optimization

Process Control and Crystallization Optimization

Mettler Toledo AutoChem provides 3 basic product lines that all focus on process optimization in the lab and process monitoring and control in the plant.

Can the ReactIR, PartricleTrack, ParticleView, EasyMax, OptiMax or RC1mx help you with your process optimization and/or process monitoring and control needs?

If so, contact us below with detailed information about your application and measurement needs.

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ParticleTrack G400

Study Particle Size and Count in the Laboratory

ParticleTrack uses an in-situ technology called FBRM (Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement) to measure crystal, particle and droplet size in real time to optimize your crystallization or emulsion processes and/or to minimize your filtration time. ParticleTrack models are used in the lab to optimize your process and in the plant to monitor and control  your particle or droplet sizes. ParticleView using PVM (Particle Vision Microscope) is a lab measurement tool that images crystals, particles and/or droplets in real-time and also complements the ParticleTrack statistical analysis instrument.

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ReactIR is an in-situ FT-IR technology designed to optimize your reaction chemistry. The ReactIR can be used to elucidate reaction mechanisms or provide you with the necessary kinetic datato optimize your chemistry.   Reactants, products, intermediates and side products can all be monitored in real time. There are various ReactIR models and probe sensors to choose from depending on application and measurement environments.

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The Easy Max and Optimax Automated Lab Reactors

The Easy Max and Optimax Automated Lab Reactors (ALRs) are used to accurately and repeatably control your process parameters like heating, cooling, mixing, and dosing for efficient process optimization. The probe technologies described above (ReactIR, ParticleTrack, ParticleView) can be used in-situ within the reactor to measure performance as a function of their respective measurements.

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It’s been a great pleasure working with Advanced TechniSales over the years as we continue to grow in our in situ spectroscopy and process monitoring capabilities within Dow Chemical.
Advanced Technisales has always been there for us ready to take in our need. By leveraging this knowledge and experience, we greatly reduced the amount of effort in internal evaluation of various instrumentation options.
Dow Chemical
Shawn Chen
Advanced TechniSales is extremely responsive and helps us identify the technical information and technical contacts we need to purchase and support our products.
Dr. Martha Grover
Georgia Tech
We have been working with Advanced TechniSales for over 5 years and believe they have the technical expertise to help us determine what analytical tools are best for a particular process optimization project.  They will work with us, within our budget, so that we can acquire the best instrument for that application.
Cambrex High Point
Daniel Bowles


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