Raman is one of the fastest growing analytical techniques within industry and academia.  The MarqMetrix® Raman solution is customized to make Raman measurement straightforward and accessible.

Supercharge your IR analysis with Czitek's innovative FT-IR accessories

Science & Innovation in Spectroscopy Czitek weds the Science of Vibrational Spectroscopy with Innovative Technology to provide cost effective solutions

Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy is a valuable tool for material identification and quantification. Czitek designs and produces innovative accessories that allow you to get accurate answers from your FTIR, easily. The SurveyIR is an FT-IR microscopy accessory that allows you to do FT-IR microscopy for the fraction of the cost of an FT-IR microscope. By integrating specimen viewing into our accessories, you can be confident of your measurement.

From our high throughput MicromATR Vision diamond ATR accessory for solids, liquids and larger samples, to our innovative SurveyIR Microscope accessory for contaminants and small samples, Czitek provides the link between your sample and the answers you need. These tool are useful for defect analysis, quality control, research, forensics, and a variety of other applications.                      

Do you currently have an FT-IR bench and would like to accurately isolate and identify micron- sized samples? Do you need an ATR for your current IR analyses? If so, contact us below with detailed information about your application and measurement needs.

We will then reach out to discuss your best options.



Simplified Microspectroscopy at an Affordable Cost

The SurveyIR™ is a new FT-IR Microspectroscopy accessory designed to deliver the ultimate user experience for a broad range of microanalysis techniques. The unique ergonomic design allows seamless interaction between operator and instrument. SurveyIR’s compact configuration and alignment free optical design facilitates simple mounting in the FT-IR spectrometer sample compartment. Due to the compact design, the SurveyIR fits into most commercially available FT-IR spectrometers.

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It’s been a great pleasure working with Advanced TechniSales over the years as we continue to grow in our in situ spectroscopy and process monitoring capabilities within Dow Chemical.
Advanced Technisales has always been there for us ready to take in our need. By leveraging this knowledge and experience, we greatly reduced the amount of effort in internal evaluation of various instrumentation options.
Dow Chemical
Shawn Chen
Advanced TechniSales is extremely responsive and helps us identify the technical information and technical contacts we need to purchase and support our products.
Dr. Martha Grover
Georgia Tech
We have been working with Advanced TechniSales for over 5 years and believe they have the technical expertise to help us determine what analytical tools are best for a particular process optimization project.  They will work with us, within our budget, so that we can acquire the best instrument for that application.
Cambrex High Point
Daniel Bowles


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