Chemical, Oil, and Gas
Chemical, Oil, and Gas

Optimize your chemical, oil, or gas processing procedure.

Automation, Control, and Safety Systems for the Entire Supply Chain

Advanced TechniSales provides a number of measurement solutions and equipment to serve those in the Chemical, Oil, and Gas Industries.

These solutions include:

  • Automated lab reactors and in-situ process analytics to optimize your chemical reactions.  We do this by tightly controlling important process parameters like temperature, stir rate and dosing while tracking your chemistry in real time using Mid-IR or Raman.  
  • Calorimeters to ensure safe scale-up to production volumes.  
  • Near Infrared, Raman and Mid-Infrared can all be used to monitor your gas phase chemistries.  Raman is an excellent tool for Syngas measurements.  Near Infrared is used at oil exploration sites to identify clays, chlorites and other minerals.
  • Process analytics for the plant.
  • Glassware, balances, scales and other lab equipment.

We would like to learn more about what lab equipment and measuring tools are important for your specific applications.

Please email us below with your requirements.

We will then contact you to discuss next steps.


It’s been a great pleasure working with Advanced TechniSales over the years as we continue to grow in our in situ spectroscopy and process monitoring capabilities within Dow Chemical.
Advanced Technisales has always been there for us ready to take in our need. By leveraging this knowledge and experience, we greatly reduced the amount of effort in internal evaluation of various instrumentation options.
Dow Chemical
Shawn Chen
Advanced TechniSales is extremely responsive and helps us identify the technical information and technical contacts we need to purchase and support our products.
Dr. Martha Grover
Georgia Tech
We have been working with Advanced TechniSales for over 5 years and believe they have the technical expertise to help us determine what analytical tools are best for a particular process optimization project.  They will work with us, within our budget, so that we can acquire the best instrument for that application.
Cambrex High Point
Daniel Bowles


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